Clean the Ocean Now: Buy Trash NFTs and Make a Difference!

• Polygon is partnering with WWF to launch a hybrid metaverse, SaveYour.World, on the Polygon network to educate people about ocean pollution and motivate them to do something about it.
• The collaboration also introduces “play-to-donate” approach and trash NFTs that allow players to purchase trash NFTs and remove real waste from the ocean in exchange.
• Polygon Labs have also commissioned research by scrutinizing emissions of Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain dynamics.

Polygon Partners with WWF for ‚Trash NFTs‘

Polygon has announced a massive partnership with WWF Deutschland to use “trash NFTs” as part of their #OceanDetox project for tackling ocean pollution. The newly launched hybrid metaverse, SaveYour.World will be hosted on the Polygon network and will use an innovative “play-to-donate” approach which allows players to remove real trash from the ocean when they purchase any trash NFT.

Motivating People with Play-to-Donate Approach

The #OceanDetox project seeks to educate people about the crisis of trash and plastics getting into the sea while motivating them to do something about it. To this end, WWF Deutschland and Savespecies have designed an innovative play-to-donate approach where players can effect change in the real world by removing real waste from the ocean when they purchase any trash NFT. This arctic SaveYour.World is just the beginning of expanding this digital realm to other environments–forests.

Exploring Blockchain Solutions for Environmental Challenges

Polygon has committed itself towards exploring blockchain technology and Web3 solutions for addressing some of the most difficult environmental challenges faced by our world today such as climate change, emissions etcetera. To this end, Polygon Labs have commissioned research by scrutinizing emissions of Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain dynamics which caught WWF’s attention leading them towards migrating their platform onto the Polygon network.

Offsetting Emissions on Public Chain

Last year, Polyon Labs offsetted 100% of emissions produced by its public chain further making it even more attractive for traditional climate solutions as well as dApps alike looking forward towards exploring how blockchain technology can create new climate solutions or elevate existing ones at a critical juncture in time.

WWF Collaboration Aims at Educating Masses & Removing Real Waste

The collaboration between WWF Deutschland and Polyon aims at educating masses on crisis due to marine pollution while motivating them towards taking action through meaningful play experiences provided by SaveYourWorld platform hosted on Polyon Network using ‘trash NFTs’ for removing real waste from oceans around us!