Lindsay Lohann prophecy: Bitcoin at $ 100,000 & Ethereum at $ 10,000

Divination or… promotion? – The Bitcoin Price Prediction (BTC) game is likely to have been around since the network launched by Satoshi Nakamoto. Certain predictions are sometimes made by credible financial analysts – as here those of the bank JP Morgan – and other times by celebrities, more or less interested in saying it …

Bitcoin and Ethereum to Infinity and Beyond!

Serions-nous déjà revenus in the Euphorie du marché haussier of 2017, where we comme des personnalités Nabilla conseillaient of investir in Bitcoin ? In any case, today it is American actress and singer Lindsay Lohann who lends herself to the game of predictions and promises us the Moon for Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

In a short 12-second video, widely distributed on social networks, the star promotes the two most famous cryptocurrencies on the planet:

“(…) I’m just here to say that Ethereum is going to go to $ 10,000 and Bitcoin to $ 100,000. Enjoy a prosperous 2021 and I hope you can all drive your Lambos to the moon ”.

350 dollars to “write the article” on our favorite cryptos

As crypto-media BeInCrypto reports , Lindsay Lohann did n’t really have a sudden crypto-enthusiastic reveal .

The actress actually recorded this video following a request on Cameo , a site where celebrities offer to make videos in exchange for money . The sponsor of Lindsay Lohann’s video would have paid the “modest” sum of 350 dollars for these 12 seconds of promotion of our cryptosphere.

Fortunately for the actress, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not considered as securities (securities), as some celebrities have been in big trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after having exercised this kind of advancement against compensation .

We will especially remember the cases of boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled who received heavy fines from the SEC. These last numbered in the hundreds of thousands of dollars , for having promoted more or less questionable Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in 2017.