Ripple (XRP): Buy Now or Switch to Pikamoon (PIKA) for More Gains?

• Ripple (XRP) recently rallied due to its legal success against the SEC, but has since pulled back.
• Some market analysts believe that this pullback is only temporary and that XRP will soon surge again.
• As a potential alternative, experts suggest investing in Pikamoon (PIKA), a play-to-earn game with exciting features.

Ripple (XRP) Pulls Back After Recent Pump

Ripple’s (XRP) price surged recently after winning its legal battle against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the pump did not last long as the XRP price gains from July 13 have since pulled back. This leaves Ripple holders and prospective investors wondering if it is still time to buy XRP or if they should consider an alternative investment.

Is It Time To Buy Ripple (XRP)?

Market analysts believe that this current drop in XRP price will be brief and is only leading up to a strong bullish trend ahead. Although Ripple may currently trade close to $0.65 support level with cooling off indicators and lower trading volume, these conditions could bring a likely price surge in the near future. It is possible however, that there may be some shakeout before this comeback occurs, possibly bringing XRP down to $0.50.

Alternative Investment: Pikamoon (PIKA)

Due to these uncertainties surrounding what’s next for XRP, experts suggest switching your portfolio to another project – Pikamoon (PIKA). PIKA is an exciting play-to-earn game built on the most advanced gaming engine where gamers can earn rewards by participating in adventurous contests or treasure hunts while enhancing their playing avatars using PIKA tokens from the marketplace.

Why Should You Invest In PIkamoon?

Pikamoon offers many benefits compared to Ripple such as being built on an advanced gaming engine, allowing players to earn rewards for participating in quests or challenges, and offering boosts through its marketplace using PIKA tokens . All of these features make it increasingly attractive for investors looking for an alternative investment option with greater potential returns than those offered by XRP.


Given the recent pullback of Ripple’s (XPR) prices after its successful legal tussle with the SEC, investors are left wondering whether it is still a good time to buy XPR or whether they should look into other investment options such as Pikamoon(PIKA). Market analysts believe that this pullback will be brief and anticipate further growth moving forward; however some shakeout may occur before then bringing prices down closer to $0.50 level which could present more opportunities for buyers at bargain prices.. Meanwhile Pikamoon offers several features which make it increasingly attractive for investors seeking alternatives with potentially higher returns than those provided by XPR investments alone making it worth considering as part of any crypto portfolio diversification strategy