VeChain’s IOT Sensors Conquer Billion-$ Market, Revolutionize Logistics Industry

• VeChain’s IoT sensors and RFID technology position it as a big player in the billion-dollar market.
• The Vechain blockchain platform is revolutionizing the supply chain industry, with its use of Radio-frequency identification (RFID).
• VeChain has partnered with over 30 leading firms across the globe to leverage its unique technology.

VeChain’s Unique Technology

VeChain’s inbuilt technology tackles a pain point for many businesses, allowing for ease in scalability and credibility. VeChain’s IOT sensor and RFID technology place the network above many of its counterparts, as the technology offers a one-of-a-kind solution. IoT (Internet of Things) has been a trending topic in the technology industry for its promising use cases. By enabling the connectivity of devices, IOT has impacted the manner in which modern devices function. At present, over 14 billion IoT devices are connected globally. The number of IoT devices connected is expected to skyrocket to 26 billion by 2030.

Tap into Billion Dollar Industry

Vechain is tapping into the billion-dollar industry, as it has established that the optimization of blockchain and IoT technologies are a key part of its mission. Vechain wrote in a previous blog post; …IoT technology helps to establish the corresponding relation between the real physical world and the world of blockchain. IoT technology can greatly reduce factors such as human intervention and manipulation by ensuring data authenticity involved..

VeChain’s RFID Tags

VeChain adopted RFID sensors and tags and uses them to track important data such as temperature, location, quality, and shipment movement on their network in real time. This helps companies to cut down on their losses as shipments are safer and less likely to go missing. In 2017, VeChain designed RFID tags mainly for clothing products which help enhance logistics sales not just for clothing but also benefit Vechain blockchain on a larger scale .The RFID tags with super frequency allow users to print them inside or outside fabric labels without compromising functionality due to water contact or washing conditions..

Partnership with Leading Firms

The Vechain blockchain platform is proving itself to be unique network for businesses across globe by partnering with over 30 leading firms across globe leveraging its unique selling point allowing it ease scalability and credibility .


In conclusion , VeChain’s IOT sensor &RFID Tech will conquer billion dollar market &globe providing revolutionary supply chain management solutions .The adoption of this technology provides tremendous potential growth opportunities along with numerous advantages like tracking important data in real time thus reducing losses due to missing shipments etc